The Best Option Management Team

Christopher Sherman

Graduated from Ryerson University (formerly Ryerson Polytechnical Institute) in 1985 with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Extensive experience in the Aerospace Industry having worked on military and spaceflight design and development projects producing successful marquee equipment such as Tiger Eye, Canadarm, and Radarsat. I founded a technical consultancy which focused on servicing the specialized high reliability industry as well as designs and intellectual property development for the industrial and commercial sectors.
In the past 15 years I centered my focus on management and workflow methodologies. I have studied several theories on the subject, and have practiced both classical and lean methodology management. I am skilled at analyzing, problem solving, and communications & process optimization as the work pertains to a range of customer and deliverable pedigree.
I earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2014 to complement my working experience in Project Management and Enterprise Lifecycle Management. I am actively involved with our local PMI-CTT chapter in the role of Champion in pursuit of continued learning and growth in professional management.
In a quest to better understand and control my personal financial investments, I undertook to enlist in private real estate education to master investment mechanics, creative financing, lease options, and property management. It became evident that property management forms the back-bone of real estate investment holdings, and as such, proficiency in management techniques and methods in the real estate industry became a personal passion which I have intensely participated since 2010. My engineering background plays a significant role in understand mechanical, electrical, and integrated monitor and control systems for both proactive recommendations and site assessment remediation.

Laurie Vaughan-Sherman

Managing property and facility maintenance since 1980. Owning and working the business has given me the experience and expertise that is necessary in this line of work.
Some of the contracts that I have executed on in the past are Guelph City Hall, Milton Public Library, Roxul Insulation, Northern Telecom and Taiga Forest Products, to name a few.
For the past 2 years, I have been working with senior home care and giving back to the community with my expertise. Prior to this working at the Stratford Festival of Canada and the Winston Park Retirement community has further expanded my working knowledge of these facilities.
Being in property management for the past 5 years, I specialize in dealing with difficult tenant situations. Knowing the tenant/landlord laws and using them to our advantage to swiftly remedy the problem.