How We Can Help

Everyone is working very hard

Project Managers are often surrounded with these common messages

Everyone is working very hard...

We're doing the very best we can...

The customer will just have to be patient.

Simply working Hard doesn't often produce results that serve the project goals.

Working Smart focuses our contributions on the most effective work tasks.

Here's How we can Help

  • Identify the critical path and get that work on track
  • Set Expedited tasks that serve the critical path
  • Nurture a "Pull" system to focus the Team on the priorities
  • Strengthen the Project Management Plan to fulfill the project's scope baseline

First and foremost we will identify the critical path and get that work on track. In most cases team members will be actively performing tasks in line with the critical path deliverables. Current activities that are not driving the critical path may be diverted to work on expedited tasks to serve the critical path.