Lean Project Management

Lean Methodology Integration

Lean methodologies and modelling is transforming the way that we think about product development and workflow. Focusing on value added work activities, and logically limiting if not eliminating wasteful time and cost is a very attractive proposition.

The big question is how can a corporation adopt this new paradigm without completely standing the entire operation on its head?


I have personally attended lean methodology seminars where the general audience was more confused after the seminar then they were before they arrived.

We will Simplify the Integration process for your Corporation
Best Option has experience in making this transition through targeted incremental steps where:

Where do we start?

We'll quickly identify which operations and/or departments can immediately benefit.

Can we continue to use the project schedule that we have current and up-to-date?

Yes... you're definitely want to maintain your top level time, cost, and deliverables on your project schedule.

What do we have to change, and what new tools do we have to purchase?

We will supplement and tune your methods avoiding changes that will halt work in progress. The toolkit is minimal.

How do we get everyone trained while we're completely loaded getting our work done now?

Training will be focused on management and project leads. Those heavily involved in the work will not be burdened.

Are things going to get worse before they get better?

We start by modelling what you are currently doing, so things will simply get better.