Project Life Cycle Management

A corporate Development Life Cycle is an important process to sustain a healthy corporation. There are a number of processes for Systems, Software and general focused activities that are all sub tier to an umbrella Corporate Project Workflow model. An organization may have multiple workflows that are specific to project types whether they be Skunkworks, Research, Products, or Services focused.
These processes are an essential Organizational Process Assets (OPA) that form the basis of each project's purpose and contribution to the organization as a whole. Keeping in mind that processes at this level are intended as guidelines, and as live documents must be developed to steer the activity set towards the goal of the job at hand.

Does your corporation have established OPA's?

If your corporation has an established Project Life Cycle, then we will provide model management operations to fit your structure.
If your corporation does not have an established OPA, we can assist you in developing a process model that fits your corporate mission statement and operating objectives.